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Fluid Mechanics: Properties and classification of fluids, Manometry, forces on immersed surfaces, Centre of Pressure, Buoyancy, Elements of stability of floating bodies, Kinematics and Dynamics.
lrrotational and incompressible, Inviscid flow, Velocity potential, Pressure field and Forces on immersed bodies,
Bernoulli's equation. Fully developed flow through pipes. Pressure drop calculations, Measurements of flow rate and Pressure, Elements of boundary layer theory, Integral approach, Laminar and turbulent flow, Separations. Flow over weirs and notches, Open channel flows, Hydraulic jump. Dimensionless number, Dimensional analysis, Similitude and modelling.
Fluid Machinery: Performance, operations and control of hydraulic pump and impulse and reaction turbine, Specific speed, Classification, Energy transfer, Coupling, Power transmission.