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Metal Forming: Basic Principal of forging, drawing and extrusion; High energy rate forming; Powder metallurgy.
Metal Casting: Die casting, investment casting, Shall Moulding, Centrifugal Casting, Gating & Rising design;
Melting furance.
Fabrication Processes: Principles of Gas, Arc, Shielded arc Welding; Advanced Welding Processes, Weldability
Metallurgy of Welding.
Metal Cutting: Turning, Methods of Screw Production, Drilling, Boring, Milling, Gear Manufacturing,
Production offlat surfaces, Girding & Fisnishing Processes, Computer controlled Measurement System-CNC,
DNC, FMS, Automation and Robotics.
Cutting Tools Materials, Tool Geometry, Mechanism of Tool Wear, Tool Life & Mach inability; Measurement of
curring forces, Economics of Machining. Unconventional Machining Processes. Jigs and Fixture. Fits and
tolerances, Measurement of surface texture, Comparators alignment tests and reconditioning of Machine Tools.
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